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Why Catalonia?

Costa Brava – Catalonia

The Costa Brava – literally the ‘rugged coast’ runs from the French border southwards towards Barcelona. Catalonia is one of Europe’s ‘hidden’ regions. Its nature, climate and history create a setting of odd, haunting beauty that is hard to grasp, but that never fails to seduce, with its lush vegetation propped against the blue and green immensity of the sea.

Once a nation state, it is now spread over two countries – France and Spain – but its people are proudly ‘Catalan’, including those in France. The capital is Barcelona, perhaps Europe’s most exciting city, and the reinvention of the city has given the whole region a new self-confidence and vitality. Needless to say, Catalans are proud of their heritage and traditions, and offer a warm welcome to foreign visitors.

This is a beautiful warm region of Europe. It has a temperate, Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters with irregular rainfall. If there is one feature characteristic of the Catalonian region, it is the light, a direct result of the great number of hours of sunlight, which marks the cheerful nature and hospitality of the locals.


Average Daily Maximum Temperature for Catalonia

J F Ma A M J J A S O N D
13 14 17 19 22 25 29 29 25 22 19 15