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Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Catalan Adventures Customers

We’d like to start by thanking everyone for their messages of positivity and support as we all try to navigate our way through this unprecedented and challenging time, both in our work and our homelives.

As a small family run business, with many small, locally-run partners, we are truly grateful for the ongoing encouragement and support we are receiving to help us all through this.  Once this period of difficulty passes, we look forward to continuing to support you in your walking endeavours and exploring our wonderful natural world.

Most of our bookings for May and June have now postponed their holiday until September, October, November or until 2021. Any of our customers booked in this year or any new customers that would like to book if you would like to reschedule your holiday we are happy to do this “free of charge” with any deposit or payments being moved to the new date. Of course, as this is a very fluid situation if the new dates don’t work out, you can move your start date again, effectively we’ll offer as many reschedules “free of charge” as you need. If you don’t have any new dates, that’s fine too, we can wait until you are ready and have made new plans. 

We will be in contact with all our clients who are due to walk or cycle with us in order to discuss options.  We ask for your patience and understanding, as our team works hard to prioritise contact appropriately.

We hope that you remain safe and in good health during this challenging time.

Yours faithfully

Steve Clifford and the Catalan Adventures Team

Update 11 April

At last we have some positive news here in Spain, the daily death toll from the Coronavirus stood at 510 this morning, this is according to figures released by the Health Ministry. This is the lowest number of overnight deaths since March 23, when there were 462 fatalities, and it appears to confirm a downward trend following the April 2 peak of 950 reported fatalities.

Update 13 April

The figures continue to fluctuate, however the government maintains that the outbreak is on a downward trend. Today the general lock down continues however employees are now allowed to return to work with the relaxation of confinement beginning in two weeks’ time, so fingers crossed we keep heading in the right direction.

Update 26 April

More positive news this morning, the new infection and death rates continue to drop with 288 deaths recorded in last 24 hrs, of course our thoughts go out to those that have lost love ones, however this is a welcome drop from the peak of 950 deaths a day around 3 weeks ago. For the last week non essential workers have been allowed back to work and today children are allowed out to exercise and play. Fernando Simón, the director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Center for Health Alerts, said “the magnitude of today’s drop is important and that from tomorrow the goal will be to think about how we are going to safely move to the phase of easing the confinement measures,”. So all in all some good news, lets keep our fingers crossed we carry on moving in this direction.

Update 5 May

Finally everyone is allowed back out to exercise and spend some time in the fresh air with our families. 60% of the shops are open again and hotels, bars, restaurant and remaining shops are able to open next Monday (with some restrictions) The new infection rates and death rates continue to drop which is excellent news and Sanchez believes we are heading to a “new” normalization of life by the 21 June.

Update 16 May

We’re still moving in a positive direction here in Spain. We’re still seeing a drop in deaths with 102 in the last 24 hrs. More and more restriction are being eased and life feel like it is slowly returning to normal. It seems we are still on track to a “new” normalization of life by the 21 June.

Update 19 May

We’ve had a easing of the restrictions now for a week or so with bars, restaurants, shops and hotels etc opening up again (with restrictions) and so far everything seems to be going well. We’re still seeing deaths which of course is very sad but those number are thankfully dropping every day which is giving everyone hope, we’ve seen 87 deaths on Sunday and 59 on Monday, the data is still not out on how many of those deaths were people dying with Covid-19 or dying of Covid-19. On average approx. 1450 people a day die in Spain so Covid 19 deaths are now thank god only a small proportion of those deaths which is such a marked difference to the 900+ deaths a day we were seeing just a few weeks ago. The government plans to ease the restriction further in the next few days and Josè Luis Abalos (transport minister) said today that he believes the tourism sector will be back up and running again by the end of June ready for the summer season, however responsibility he has said “Spain must be made an attractive country from a healthcare perspective,” given that tourists will need “confidence” to travel here.

Update 26 May

We’ve now had 6 weeks of being back at work for non essential workers and 3 weeks of being able to get outside and exercise and still we’re seeing a considerable drop in new cases and deaths, yesterday we saw the easing of more restrictions so the mood is high, there is an air of optimism in the air and the bars and restaurants are filing up again, it’s lovely to see so many people out and about enjoying the summer sunshine, albeit being responsible and practicing social distancing where possible. At the weekend Sanchez has said the government believes we will be safe enough to accept international tourists back to Spain by the 1 July, a great relief to us and so many others that rely on tourism to make a living here.  We must never forgot although the outlook is good, there are those that have lost their life’s to Covid-19 and tomorrow Spain will start 10 days of mourning.

Update 9 June

We’ve now moved into the final phase of our lockdown, we’ve gone from from nearly 100,000 new infections a day during the peak down to 49 new infections in the last 24hrs.  We’ve gone from approx 950 deaths a day during the peak to 56 deaths in the last 7 days and some regions have seen no new infections or deaths for a few days now. We still have some restrictions, however apart from the lack of tourists life seems to be returning to normal, bars, restaurants, hotels etc are open and family and friends are now allowed to socialise again (groups up to 15). At the moment the plan is still to open the borders for international tourism on the 1 July and talking to our accommodations they are now seeing a lot of bookings coming in for the high season (July and August) which is great news, let’s keep our fingers crossed the summer season will be saved. Our high season is September and October and at the moment most of our customers still plan to come so we are of course very grateful for everyone’s support.

Update 28 June

So a week ago we left the state of emergency and the borders opened up again for tourism etc. We have now returned to a “new normal”, which means at the moment more or less life has returned to normal however at the moment we still have to wear masks if we can’t maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from others (not including friends or family members), so really just busy town centers and in supermarkets etc. We’ve now started to receive bookings again, only a handful in July and August, however  September and October is starting to look much better 🙂