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“The unique light and rugged coastline of this part of Catalonia captured the heart, soul and intellect of Dali”

Painting Holiday“Living in this part of Catalonia is a pleasure and an inspiration. The light is unique – I have travelled in South America, Australia, Turkey, India and Africa – nothing compares.” Tony Poulter, our resident artist on our Painting Holidays.

In this particular part of the Mediterranean the sun rises and sets quickly in the summer months, giving near instant changes in light and, from the early morning to evening, unparalleled clear blue skies. The rugged coastline and this light captured the heart, soul and intellect of Dali, who was born in Figueres, a short drive from your hotel. We are very luck to have such a great location for our painting holidays.

Dali was captivated and inspired by the area, and over the years returned from his many annual trips to France and America to live and paint – eventually to settle here for the remainder of his life.

Many locations in the area can be matched to specific paintings – ie. “Fountain of Milk Spreading Itself Uselessly on Three Shoes” (1945) is a view of the Bay of Roses from the road to Cadaques, and “The Weaning of Furniture – Nutrition” (1934) is set in the little bay of Port Lligat.

We have found that peoples’ needs vary according to their temperament, background, aptitude, experience, mood, and a host of other variables, and therefore Anthony our resident Artist tailors our daily painting holiday activities to the individual participant’s requirements. There is a free and relaxed approach to each day’s painting and drawing, without too much of a structured tutorial approach, it is instead one of helping to develop your own style, with demonstrations of styles and techniques which will provide you with a way of progressing your own work.Painting Holidays

We understand that some people who come on our painting holidays require the stimulus of a rigorous challenge, while others just need gentle support and encouragement, and occasionally they need new ideas and fresh input to regenerate their enthusiasm and creativity. Drawing and painting is essentially a solitary activity, even when in a group, but the companionship and exchange that occurs within a group is always mutually enriching. We all constantly engage in the process of discovery and development, and this also gives us endless pleasure.  Our philosophy is that a positive and encouraging approach is essential and we believe that is why our painting holidays are so successful.

Anthony’s purpose is to help you formulate your own aims and objectives, whilst at the same time offering conceptual skills and practical techniques, which will move you towards achieving your goal. It is also very important to us that the whole experience should be enjoyable. Whilst being keen to help people learn, we are very aware that this is, after all a holiday and for some a precious chance to unwind and relax, Anthony will actively encourage you to set your own limits as to how much effort you want to make, but also to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to learn or enhance your skills.

We are offering a painting holiday to ensure that the confidence and enthusiasm of the participants, from the complete beginner through to the more experienced client, develops to the extent that they will want to return to this beautiful region for further inspiration and development. Anthony measures his contentment in how much he is able to inspire people to discover their potential and achieve more, and also by how much they have enjoyed their stay.

On your first evening, Anthony will join you, and over drinks will chat with you about objectives, materials and a format for the week including your free day. Anthony will also discuss the forming of an itinerary for your painting holiday around the group’s requirements and establish the following days adventures in painting in this inspiring location. We have many favoured areas at which to paint including the opportunity to travel to Cadaques, the home and inspiration for Dali.

During your stay there may be opportunities to meet other artists and musicians living in the area.

Throughout the week Anthony will give informal chats on the artists that have influenced him over the years – Lucien Freud, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Barbara Rae, Stanley Spencer, Peter Lanyon, Cyril Mann, Robert Lenkiewicz, and many of the old masters.

“The two most important things to know about painting are, when to start and when to stop.”

The modern artist is working with space and time and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.”

Jackson Pollock

On your free day, or one evening, you may wish to join Anthony on a tour of the Dali Museum in Figueres. 


The Dali Museum situated in Figueres is the second most visited building in Spain, only 15 minutes from where our painting holidays are based. Anthony’s guided tour includes his booklet “51 Facts About Dali – A Rough Guide” which contains photographs of the sites of the apartment blocks where he was born and then lived as a young child, the Duran Hotel where Dali had lunch every Tuesday whilst he was in Catalunya, and other places in Figueres connected to Dali.

The tour is a gentle stroll around the Museum with Anthony’s unique insight into the exhibits, the history of the origins of the building itself and the subsequent transformation of it into one of the world’s most famous museums and the final resting place of the genius that is Dali.

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